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At Art of Speaking English, we believe that every student is unique. Our online English tutors create customized content for each lesson as per the student’s requirement. We focus on teaching spoken English through practice. We believe that guided speaking practice with English tutors is the best way to improve fluency in speaking English.


Art of speaking English envisages a strong vision of educational transformation parallel to the societal need. It offers a holistic approach to Spoken English, personality development, Interview skills, Confidence Building, and social skills. The challenge today, is to relate ourselves to the socio-economic, cultural and educational world and to think and act globally. Art of speaking English understands this responsibility and has taken Initiative to create talents to tackle the emerging issues confronting the 21st century.


To empower the youth and Enthusiast by strengthening the inherent potential and make each Individual a confident and skilled person. To reduce unemployability and many other social issues happening these days due to lack of Employment Opportunities, Social Skills and so on ,also to produce world class Skilled Individuals for this developing nation.

Prof. Truptimayee Routray

About AOSE

Art of Speaking English was established in 2012, with an aim to provide quality based online spoken English class across the globe at an affordable price. Art of speaking English backs and support all the students, Housewives, working professionals and enthusiasts who have the Interest and vision to be skilled in their life and determined to execute them in order to make a better career. The whole team is geared towards assisting the students’ right at the grass root level and motivating them to become the better version of themselves. Ms.Truptimayee Routray, The founder of Art of Speaking English along with her team wants to be the catalyst for the students while guiding them to the minute details as they shape their career and make a better sustainability for themselves. Art of speaking English echoes the belief that when a person is skilled and confident can empower self and others in order to make a better place to live in family, office and the society. Ms.Trupti herself is an accomplished Educator with 11+ years of Experience in teaching , she has  got Indian Woman Entrepreneur Award by Nirgia Brand promoters and also got recognized by Atmanirvar Bharat Under Make in India Scheme , she has trained  more than 500 +  Students  So far.

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